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Shells of the Philippines
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used but almost like new l - good coverage of the shells from these islands
Seashells of Southern Florida
the most comprehensive guide to bivalves of Florida Keys and adjacent areas
Recent Xenophoridae
$79.95  $49.95
you can order now, back in stock - only monograph on the carrier shells
Seashells of South East Asia
please add your name to our waiting list for the next copy that we can find
Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific
extensive survey of 35 families of coral with over1200 color photos
Hawaiian Seashells
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Compendium of Landshells
$99.95  $79.95
illustrated identification guide to world wide terrestrial mollusks
Giant Clams
Identification and mariculture of the Tridacnids
Coquillages de la Reunion et de l'ile Maurice
Out of Stock
Hong Kong Seashells (COPY)
nice basic guide to shells form Hong Kong, vrey nicely illustrated
Catalogue Living Chitons
very useful guide to classification of the Polyplacophora