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Shells of Land and Water
classic work which serves as a great introduction to the biology of mollusks
Indo-Pacific Mollusca
$129.95 $79.95 Sale
complete set of this valuable source of information as published
Endodontoid Land Snails ...Pacific Islands - Part 1 &2
Part 1 covers the family Endodontidae , Part 2 covers the Punctidae & the Charopidae
Encyclopedia Zoologica Illustrated in Colours - vol. 3
Beautifully illustrated volume of an Encyclopedia that deals mainly with molluscs in all classes and other marine life found mainly from Japan
Indo-Pacific Sea Shells
usually found only as individual sections -first set I've seen
Sea Shells of Southern Africa - by Kilburn & Rippey
identification guide to the shells from South Africa
The Littorinid Molluscs of Mangrove Forests in the Indo-Pacific Region
study of the marine gastropods in the family Littorinidae
Volutes (used,slightly damaged)
half priced (used,slightly damaged)
Carta d'Identita delle Conchiglie de Mediterraneo
Intertidal Mollusks of Iqique, Chile
one of the few books with coverage of the shallow water marine mollusks of northern Chille
A Handbook of Illustrated Shells
an important early book on Japanese Mollusks