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The Mollusks of the Arid Southwest

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a survey and a checklist of the terrestrail mollusks found the arid region of the S.W. USA.
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Availability: Zoogeography and checklist of mollusks in the arid SW of the USA region of the USA

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The Mollusks of the Arid Southwest
by Joseph C. Bequaert and Walter C. Miller

ISBN 0816503184, © 1973, published by the The University of Arazona Press, Tucson, Arizona, paperback, 5.75 by 9 inches, or 14.5 by 23 cm., 271 pages, some distributional maps but no other illustrations.

"The Mollusks of the Arid Southwest" is a book that is in two parts. The first part of the book studies the zoogeography, biology, and ecology of the mollusks found in the southwestern part of the USA. The second part is an annotated checklist of the 173 valid species and 46 subspecies of these mollusks. It includes their distribution in the Recent fauna, their type localities, nomenclature, and a synonymy. The authors were experts in their fields and have produced this important study about these often neglected mollusks.

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