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full descriptions and photos of 1270 species of marine and some terrestrial mollusks found in Japan
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Shells of the Western Pacific In Color
  by Tetkusaki Kira

no ISBN, published in 1967 this is the third edition of the original 1962 edition, published by Hoiksha, Osaka, Japan, hardcover with printed dust-jacket, 224 pages, 17.5 by 25.5 cm., 6.75 by 10 inches, contain 72 page-sized color plates and black and white maps and drawings of shell structure

This book is usually seen as part of a two-volume set T. Habe's book being the second part. Each of these books can serve quite well as a reference work to the marine, some terrestrial, and freshwater mollusks of Japan. .This book contains descriptions and very clear photographs of 1270 species. This is a used library book in very good condition. The dust-jacket has been protected with a clear plastic cover. There is a rubber stamp with the library name on the frond fly-leaf and it has a library pocket attached to the back fly-leaf. There is a small label with the catalog number on the lower end of the spine. The body of the book is almost as new.

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