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Shells of Hawai'i

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brief but well done guide to Hawaiian shells
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Availability: guide to the marine and some terrestrial mollusks from the Hawaiian Islands

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Shells of Hawai'i
by Alison Kaye & Olive Schoenberg-Dole

ISBN 08248-1316-2, ISBN-13 9780824813161, published by University of Hawaii Press, , Honolulu, HI., ©1991, paperback, about 4.5 by 8.5 inches, 12.5 by 21.5 cm., 89 pages, contains 141 color photographs half-page size or less with photos of specimen and living mollusks

It is unusual to find a publication of this quality in such a compact size. There is an introductory section of the book that gives us an overview of mollusks with an emphasis on those that are found in the water and on the land of the Hawaiian Islands. The photographs of the identification section, which makes up the larger part of the book, are identified with their scientific names and their size. While a book of this size can't be comprehensive, this is a nice introductory guide to many of the shells found in Hawaii.

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