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Monarchs of the Sea

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Monarchs of the Sea
The Extraordinary 500-Million-Year History of Cephalopods
by Danna Staff

ISBN 978-1615197408, published in 2020 by The Experiment, NYC, New York, paperback, about 5.5 by 8.25 inches, 13.5 by 21 cms., 237 pages, contains 40 black and white photographs and illustrations,

"Monarchs of the Sea" is a reprint of Danna Staff's earlier book, "Squid Empire," in a new binding with very slight other changes. I am delighted to see that this book is now back in print since the earlier version is now very hard. When copies do turn up, they are often at insanely high prices. So now, we have this book available in an affordable form. Of course, it is a history of the marine mollusks that were for millions of years the dominant form of life. As well as the vast amount of information that you'll find in this book, it is also a very entertaining book to read. Among the reviews for this book are from The Inquisitive Biologist, "fiendishly readable" and Nature, " I loved this book... Staff's approach is short, sweet, well-illustrated, and strong on playful narrative." Please don't wait, buy it now.

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