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Grizmek's Student Animal Life Resource

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Encyclopedia of marine life
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Availability: detailed guide to mollusks and many other forms of marine life

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Grizmek's Student Animal Life Resource
Crustaceans, Mollusks, and Segmented Worms
by Arthur V. Evans

ISBN 9780787694111,  ©2005 , published by Thompson Gale, hardcover in printed boards, 17.5 by 23.25 cm., about 7 by 9.25 inches, 376 pages of which 322 are of text and illustrations, the remainder are introductory material, a biome list and an index, the book is illustrated with colored drawings, maps and charts

"Grizmek's Student Animal Life Resource" is a 21 volume set on animal life. This volume covers the mollusks as well as two other large groups of marine animals. It is a series that intended for advanced students of marine biology. Each entry contains the physical characteristics, range, habitat, diet, and reproductive information. Included is a range map and photos or drawings of selected specimens in each of the groups. You will find a wealth of useful knowledge in this book. This is a used, library copy and it has library catalog labels on the front and back covers and the spine, the body of the book looks like it is new.

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