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Southern Florida's Fossil Seashells
great guide book illustrating many of the fossilized molusks from Florida
Fossil and Recent Muricidae of the World
$179.95 $165.00 Sale
comprehensive look at the Muricinae in recent and past eras
Fabulous Florida Fossil Shells
A photographic look at some of the very finest specimens of fossil shells ever found in Florida
A Pictorial Guide of the Australian Fossil Volutes
a great book on these ancestors of present day Volutes
New Caribbean Molluscan Faunas
study or supposed relect populations of molluscs with descriptions of many new species from Florida through Brazil
The Cretaceous Ammonites of Venezuela
all 83 genera among 28 familes including 13 that are new are described and illustrated
Pliocene Fossils of South-Carolina
important early work on fossils from S. Carolina
Nautilus: The Biology & Paleobiology of a Living Fossil
a written symposium covering biological and paleobiology of the Nautilus