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Carta d'Identita delle Conchiglie de Mediterraneo

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Mediterranen Gastropods and Bivalves a key to future works on these shells
Part Number: 1034 Carta d'Identita delle Conchiglie de Mediterraneo
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Carta d'Identita delle Conchiglie de Mediterraneo
by Pietro Parenzen

No ISBN, published in three parts, Volume 1 in 1970 cover the Gastropods, Volume 2,  part 1 in 1974 covers the Bivlaves, and the coverage of the Bivalves continues as Volume 2, part 2, the books are bound in thick paper covers , they were published by Bios Taras Editrice, Taranto, Italy, They are in Italian only, their size is about 16.5 by 24 cm., or 6.5 by 9.5 inches, volume 1 contains 283 pages and an additional 53 full page plates of drawings, volume 2 part 1 contains 275 pages including 48 full page plates of drawings, and volume 2, part 2 continues the pagination from volume 1 part 1, from 283pages to 546, and includes 99 full page plates of drawings

Because of their age and the fact that they were published in three parts years apart from one another, it is almost impossible to find a complete set of these books today. The books have great importance as some of the key works on which later books on the shells found in the Mediterranean sea laid the foundation. The books have never been translated from the Italian language but nevertheless, you can get the gist of the lengthy descriptions without too much difficulty. The drawings are realistically drawn and the details of the shells can be seen in them. These are used books and the covers show quite a bit of shelf-ware. Remarkably, the bodies of all three parts of the book can almost pass as new. 

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