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Coquillages du Gabon / Shells of Gabon
$79.95  $59.95
one of the few books on mollusk from W. Africa
Marine & Brackish Water Gastropoda of Russia & Adjacent Countries
$139.95  $119.95
great coverage esp. on the Buccinidae
Porcelaines Niger & Rostrees de Nouvelle-Caledonie
$49.95  $39.00
guide to these strange New Caledonian cowries - low inventory
Cones de Nouvelle-Caledonie et du Vanuatu
$79.95  $49.95
shows may species endemic to New Caledonia
Shells on Stamps of the World
Out of Stock
Mollusques Continentax de la Martinique - Non-marine Molluscs of Martinique, Lesser Antilles
important new work on the non-marine molluscs of Martinique in the French West Indies
Marine Mollusks In Japan - 2nd Edition
$495.00  $425.00
revised and expanded from 1st edition about 6700 species covered
Uruguayan Seashells - Moluscos Marinos  - Argentina, Uruguay & Brasil
A great work on the mollusks from the SW Atlantic
Recent Fasciolariidae
Pictorial guide to the species in the family from around the world