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Baja California Sea Shells Field Guide

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color photo guide to about 1100 species of marine mollusks from Baja California
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Availability: color and large size color photos of almost 1100 species of marine mollusks

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Baja California Sea Shells Field Guide
by Piero Gurgo Salice & Carlos Caceres

ISBN 9781540609007, published in 2019 by CreateSpace, Trade Paperback,  glued (so called "Perfect") binding, about 21 by 28 cm., 8.25 by 11 inches, 233 pages plus additional 32 pages of index, references consulted, and etc., about 111 page-sized color photographic plates as well a a few color photographs in the text of the introductory pages

This book is the most important one that covers of the marine mollusks of the Baja California, Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez since Myra Keen's 2nd edition of "Seashells  of Tropical West America" which was published in 1971, now almost 50 years ago. The book does not offer the extensive coverage that you'll find in Keen's book, but what it does offer is large, full-color photographs of almost 1,100 species unlike the former book whose pictures, almost without exception are small and in black and white. Mainly, this book is intended as a field guide and little information about the individual species is given apart from their names, the areas where they are found, and their sizes, and sometimes a very brief comment. I look at this book not as a field guide as the title states, but as a photographic iconography of the marine mollusks from the region. I have sadly to make 3 negative comments about this book, not with the material it contains , but with the production of the book. It has been bound with the "perfect" binding method, which is a pet-peeve of mine. That type of binding for a thin, paperback novel is sufficient, but for a large, heavy reference work will prove to result in pages coming loose after repeated use. The pages are not printed on coated paper which leaves the color of the photographs lacking luster, and finally the covers of the book which are made of heavy laminated. paper  would have better served if they were hardcovers. Apart from those issues I think that most collectors will want to have a copy of this book in their libraries.

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