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almost impossible to find this book today
Wentletrap Book - Guide to the Recent Epitoniidae of the World
by A. Weil, L. Brown and B.Neville
ISBN 88-8299-002-8, published by Evolver, Rome,Italy in 1999, laminated boards, stitched binding, 245 pages, A4 size (about 8 by 11.5 inches) 505 species illustrated with color photos (an some drawn figures) mostly 3 or 4 to a page.

This is  another of those shell books that goes out of print so quickly that there is not the chance of it ever having the distribution that it deserves. It is one of the most asked for titles that I know of and the is just about no supply at all of these books available. The title and subtitle fairly well sum up what this book is all about. All in all 507 shells are depicted (mostly color photographs, some drawings) in the plates which are on the right hand page with description and comments about the shells on the facing left hand page. This section constitutes the major part of the book and the remainder is made up of aids to help with the taxonomy of this large family. This is the first copy of this book we've seen in quite a long time. And it is also the first time that we have had two copies in stock at once since the book went out of print.These are very nice copies but both have very slight bumps at their corners and a few scratches on their covers from shelf-wear. One has some many tiny pinpoint prick marks of the cover, as if someone was punching something using the book as a surface. But both books have sturdy bindings and the bodies of these books look as if the books were almost never used. They are expensive but the supply for this title never meets the demand for it.