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The Superfamily Stromboidea - Addenda and Corrigenda.

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Additions and updates to earlier Conchological Iconography monograph on the Strombidae
Part Number: The Superfamily Stromboidea - Addenda and Corrigenda. - A Conchological Iconography - Supplement 2
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The Superfamily Stromboidea
Addenda and Corrigenda
Edited by ConchBooks - text and plates by Virgilio Liverani

ISBN 9783939767558, 2013, published by ConchBooks as part of the Conchological Iconography, Germany, paper covers punched for 4 ring A4 binder, about 21 by 29.5 cm size (8¼ by 11¾ inches)  54 pages of text include black and white photographs, and 33  page size color photo plates numbered from 131 to 164 to continue the numbering of the plates in the earlier publication, Family Strombidae,

This is a welcome updating of the 1999 publication in this series that was the last full study of this family. The elevation of the subgenera of the Strombidae in the earlier work and their division into four families within the  superfamily Stromboidea as well as the description and depiction of several new forms and species make this a valuable addition to the available literature on this interesting and variable group of mollusks.

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