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The Family Torinidae in the in the East Atlantic

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A fantastic guide to the miniature mollusks in this family from the Eastern Atlantic
Part Number: The Family Torinidae in the East Atlantic
Availability: last copy! excellent reference work covering these mollusks

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The Family Tornidae (Gastropoda, Rissooidea) in the East Atlantic
by E. Rolán & F. Rubio

2002, SEM,  sturdy paper covers sewn and glued binding, about 6¼ by 9½ inches (16 by 24 cm) 98 pages illustrated with 265 black and white SEM photos of shells and closeups of their structure.

Those of you that are familiar with the later work "Tornidae in the Caribbean" need read no further but can go ahead and order their copy now. The superb use of the SEM photos in these two books take us to another part of the world of molluscs that remain hidden to us because of their size. Some of the shapes of these shells are familiar to us and others seem to be something from another world. It is an eye opening fact that there are more shells of microscopic size in our recent fauna than there are larger shells that are visible to unaided to us. While the photographs are excellent I can add that the text and the descriptions are worthy of the plates. In all an excellent book. Probably not for the general collector but for those who want to take a step beyond what we can ordinarily see.

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