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The Family Harpidae

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illustrated identification guide to the marine molluscs in family Harpidae Genus Harpa and Morum
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The Family Harpidae
by Guido T. Poppe & T. Brulet & S.P. Dance

1999 , ConchBooks, Germany, paper covers, punched for looseleaf binder, text 17 pages, 51 color plates with other illustrations in text, 8.25by 11.25 inches (21 by 30 cm)

 A study of the Family Harpidae that includes the harps and the morums and also includes the genus Austrharpa. Although this is primarily a review of a later section on the Ficidae here is a link that you can follow for a critical review that contains some comments on this section as well. The review was  written by Dr. Harry G. Lee. This review appeared in the "American Conchologist" , the publication of the Conchologists of America and it is reproduced with their permission. If you have trouble opening this link than you can copy it into your browser or left click on it and open it in a new window or as a new tab on this window. http://www.jaxshells.org/ficus.pdf

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