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image from looseleaf edition
image from looseleaf edition

The Family Babyloniidae

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A revision and review of the marine Molluscs in the family Babylonia
Part Number: The Family Babyloniidae. - A Conchological Iconography - Issue 19
Availability: complete coverages of these beautiful shellsand with a taxonomic revision

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The Family Babyloniidae
by K. Fraussen & D. Stratmann

published 2013 by ConchBooks as part of A Conchological Iconography, Harxheim, Germany, ISBN 978-3-939767-47-3, loose leaf A4 size pages punched for 4 ring binder - about 8 by 11? inches (20.5 by 29.5 cm) 96 pages of text with black and white photos, drawings and other illustrations and an additional 48 pages of color plates

In this book the authors take a very conservative approach to the taxonomy of these shells and recognize 2 genera in this family with a total of 18 species and 1 subspecies. Also they list 7 forms of these shells which do not scientific taxonomic entities but are convenient ways of differentiating  certain distinct pattern and shape developments that can be  found among  these very variable shells. 

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