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Terrestrial Molluscs in Yunnan

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A survey of the terrestrial mollusks found in Yunnan Province and in adjacent areas in China. Coverage of mollusks with shells and the shell-less slugs in photographs with in descriptions in Chinese
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Availability: Important survey of land mollusks in central China

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Terrestrial Molluscs in Yunnan
by Chen Yuan Xiao, Tian Ming & Deng Bian

ISBN 978-7-03-048202-0, published in 2016 by Science Press, Beijing China, in laminated board covers, 7¼ by 10¼ inches or 18.5 by 26 cm., 259 pages, illustrated with 125 color photos and 125 distribution maps and 6 anatomical drawings in color

Here is another excellent book covering the diverse terrestrial molluscan population. Although the primary focus of this book in the Yunnanese Province in central China the maps show other localities in China in which the species has been found. The book is in Simplified (Mandarin) Chinese and that is going to be an obstacle to these books becoming general reference works in the west. Although I have a built in, in- house translator here in the form of my wife, Juying, I find that I can scan in the text from the books and run them through an online translation program and get a fairly accurate translation of the text. Of course being familiar with the terms one is used to seeing in other books helps us get back on track when the translation program takes off on a track all its own.


This book and the other shell books from China as well as being excellent quality works are also very low in price. In this book though it looks like they had some problems with the black background causing the plates to be somewhat dark. The photos are well defined and identification of the shells is not a problem.  They could not be produced in the USA or anywhere else and sold for the prices that carry.  I hope that this and the other books from China that we are offering become somewhat well received. If the sales are even modestly successful we intend to bring in many other books from China and from Taiwan that we can offer you. If you want to compare prices I found this book available on Biblio.com for about $187.00!

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