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Terrestrial Mollusca of Important Regions from China

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Study of 207 species of terrestrial molluscs found in China
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Terrestrial Mollusca of Important Regions from China
by Wang Hongjian & Chen Deniu

ISBN 9787542414670, published in 2011, by Journal of Gansu Sciences, Gansu Science & Technology Org, Gansu Province, China, faux black leather board cover with embossed gold leaf lettering on cover and the spine, 527 pages about 18 by 26.5 cm., or 7.25 by 10.5 inches, 4 page size color photographic plates showing live animals in their habitat, 209 black and white photographs with corresponding distribution maps of the molluscs included in the text, the book includes an English abstract and uses standard scientific nomenclature throughout, most of the text and the introduction are in Chinese

This book is one that is aimed at collectors and scientific workers studying the terrestrial molluscs found in China. The book covers  209 species of these molluscs are from many regions in China. In all the molluscs are divided among 59 genera in 17 families and include one species which is newly described. One wishes that there was more care taken with the photographs that are used to illustrate the shells in the book. While most of the photos are adequate a few are blurred and also one wishes that color photos were used in place of the black and white photos that are used. This is a new book but the covers are quite well scuffed which is often typical of books found in bookshops in China. While it is hard to recommend this book, it does have some information that can not be elsewhere found and serious workers and collectors will find a need for it in spite of its  faults.