Snailing Round The South Seas - the Partula Story

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a look at the rapid extinction of these mollusks and their future survival
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Snailing Round The South Seas
The Partula Story
by Justin Gerlach

ISBN 978-0-9533787-6-0, published in 2014 by Phelsuma Press, Cambridge, UK, paper covers, about 14.25 by 21 cm., 5.5 by 8.25 inches, 172 page, illustrated with varying sized color photographic plates, chart, maps and tables

This is a  small book that will  lead you to do  some serious thinking not only about this group of snails that have for the most part become extinct within our lifetime. It makes you pause and think about what else we have done and continue to do to our planet and to its other inhabitants. The book follows the history of these shells and their present status. The book makes for some serious and thought-provoking reading.

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