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Slugs and Snails

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Biology and ecology of non-marine mollusks and man and mollusk interactions
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Slugs and Snails
by Robert Cameron

ISBN 9780007113019, published in 2016 by William Collins, London, UK, laminated paper covers, 14.5 by 21.5 cm., about 5.75 by 8.5 inches, 508 pages, 190 figures in text include color and black and white photos, drawings, and charts

This book is an excellent study of the biology of shelled and shell-less mollusks and it also contains a very interesting last chaper on the interaction and uses of these creatures by our species in the past and present. This final chapter makes for some very interesting reading and the other 12 chapters are a serious biological text book of the mollusks in this study. The book covers the non-marine members of this phylum.

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