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Shells on Postage Stamps Around the World

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An illustrated Guide to postage stamps with shells pictured on them
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Shells on Postage Stamps

Around the World

By Karl Emmerich

No ISBN , copyright by the author 1980, published by Topical Philatelic Publishers, California  hardcover in cloth with printed dust jacket, about 7.25 by 10 inches, (about 18.5 by 26cm) 110  pages, illustrated with more than 20 full page colored plates,

Although the flap of the dust jacket proclaims this as the first ever book covering the topic of shells on postage stamps it actually occurred a year after the “Shells on Stamps of the World” by Kohmen Y. Arakawa. While both of these books and the newest one by He Jing cover the same topic they are different in content and format from one another and anyone who is pursuing this crossover hobby will want to have all three of these books to work with. This book as well as the other two are nicely illustrated and this book. It is interesting to see that the introduction and foreword for this book was written by Dr. William Clench of the MCZ in Cambridge who was the leading malacologist of his time. The layout of this book is more or less by topic and it contains stamps, covers, and cancellations from almost all of the 169 countries (many now gone and forgotten) that issued these items.This is a used copy and it is autographed by the author with a dedication to the previous owner. It is a nice, clean copy but has some minimal wear at the edges of the dust cover. This is the only copy of this book we have ever had.


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