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Shells of the New York City Area

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identification and descriptions of land, freshwater and marine mollusks in and arounf New York City
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Shells of the New York City Area
by Morris K. Jacobson and William K. Emerson
Illustrated by Anthony D'Attilio Foreword by R. Tucker Abbott

No ISBN, ©1961, published by Argonaut Books, Inc., Larchmont, N.Y., hardcover in blue cloth binding with printed dust jacket, 142 pages, about 5 by 8 inches, about 13 by 20 cm., illustrated with drawings throughout.

This book has special meaning for me. I was fortunate to have all four of the authors responsible for the production of this book as friends and as mentors. This book is the original version of this book. It was reprinted and slightly expanded about ten years later by Dover Press under the title "Shells From Cape Cod to Cape May" as a paperback book which went through several printings. While there generally isn't a great deal of interest in the shells found in the New York City area, they are, in their way, as fascinating as the more colorful shells from tropical regions. There are no photographs in this book. Instead, there are about 150 black and white stippled drawings by Tony D'Attilio that are as clear as any photograph. The descriptions of the shells by Karl Jacobson are comprehensive, as are his remarks about each of the species. The book covers 140 species of marine, terrestrial, and fresh water species of mollusks Generally, this is an easy book to find. There are many copies available, many more so of the Dover paperback than of the original printing. What makes this book stand out is its' condition. Apart from slight dust stains along the top edge of the book, it can pass as new.

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