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Shells of Tahiti

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Identification & classification of marine mollusks found in French Polynesia
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Availability: a concise guide to shells common and rare from Polynesia

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Shells of Tahiti
by B. Salvat and C. Rives
1984,Les Editions du Pacific, Tahiti, Fr. Polynesia, paper back with glued binding, 159 pages, 7 by 5 inches (13 by 18cm), illustrated through out in color, English

This is a slimmed down in size and English edition of the very beautiful "Coquillages de Polynesie" that was published in 1975 in French. This edition lacks only in size what the original edition offered and it is among the most beautiful books on shell collecting that was done in that period of time. Almost half the book is devoted to the topography and the ecology of the Polynesian Islands and the interplay and importance that shells have had in the life and the culture in these islands. I found the on the pearl industry to be especially interesting and informative. The balance of the book is given over to being a shell identification guide to the shells found in Polynesia. Both shells that are common throughout the Pacific and those that are found only in Polynesia are well covered. The quality of the photographs taken of life in Tahiti and the photos of the plates are very well done. I have never been able to get any quantity of this book or the original French edition. If you are a book collector as well as a shell collector I'd urge you to buy the original, it is a beautiful book, but if you have just a casual interest in a book that can be an excellent guide to the shells from this part of the world this paperback will be more than adequate to meet your needs. These books are used copies that are in nice condition. They show slight ware on their covers but the bodies of these books are in great condition. 

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