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Shells of Antarctica

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An illustrated and descriptive survey of marine mollusks collected in the Antarctic Seas
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Availability: a truly remarkable book - you will be surprised to see the number of shells found in this part of the world

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Shells of Antarctica
by Winfried Engl

ISBN 978-3-939767-44-2, published by ConchBooks, Germany, in 2012, laminated board case binding with stitched binding, about 8¼ by 11¾ inches (A4 size 21 by 30 cm), 402 pages of which 207 consist of a discussion of the shells and which are illustrated in black and white photographs and 88 pages of full color photographic plates with keys on facing pages.

This is an excellent book and it is sad to say that it will probably be one that will be widely distributed except to scientific workers and the few amateurs who have an interest in the diverse populations of marine mollusks found in the Antarctic Seas. In all this book gives us complete descriptive and well illustrated examples of 87 species of Bivalves and 336 known species of Gastropods and it is the authors belief that about 59 more Gastropods are known today but that are undescribed. Many of these shells are very small measuring a few millimeters in size. This is the first major look at these shells since the 1990 publication by Dell  "Antarctic Mollusca" which is long out of print and is a difficult book to obtain. The shells represented in Engl's book were mainly  collected over  the course of several expeditions on a German research vessel, the Polarstern which obtained samples at depths between 500 to 2000 meters. He began working on this book in the year 2000. Of special importance to taxonomists is the designation of many lectotypes, one neotype and some new synonymy of 15 species that are included in this book.  

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