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Shell Collecting - An Illustrated History

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History of shell collecting from pre-historic to modern times
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Shell Collecting
An Illustrated History
by S. Peter Dance
1966, Univ. of Calif, 344 pages and 33 b/w plates, 3 color plates and numerous text drawings and figures, cloth binding, with dust jacket, 5.25 by 8.25 inches (13 by 21.cm)

A delightful and informative look at the history of shells and shell collectors from pre-historic times through the middle of the 20th century. Included in the book are discussions of some of the important collectors and collections, the books that form the basis of our knowledge today and some of the "famous" shells that are all part of what makes the hobby so fascinating to so many people today. This book is guaranteed to be both entertaining and informative to novices and to advanced collectors. This is a used copy in very good condition. I shows some slight shelf wear but dust jacket is intact although slightly scratched. It has a loose review in Dutch clipped from "Basteria" by Henry Coomans inside the front flap of the jacket and name of pervious owner is stamped on this review.

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