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Seashells of South East Asia

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Color illustrated guide to seashell common to uncommon found in SE Asia
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Seashells of South East Asia
by R. Tucker Abbott
 ISBN 1-871948-96-7,1991, published by Tynron Press, Scotland, in laminated paper covers, 145 pages about 8 by 5¼ inches (20 by 13cm) illustrated with 52 full-color page photographic plates

While most of the material in this book is now covered in greater detail in several other books that cover the shells of this part of the world, this little paperback book is still very much in demand and in use by collectors looking for a quick and easy guide to use for the shells of this region.  The book provides a brief description of several hundred species mostly common to uncommon and gives a general size range for each species as well as the type of habitat in which it can be found.  The color illustrations are surprisingly clear and well detailed for a book that had a rather modest price tag when it was published.  This look as if it never has been used but has some very slight wear at the upper end of the spine.

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