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Seashells of the Florida Panhandle

Part Number Seashells FL. Panhandle
Seashells of the Florida Panhandle
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great little book
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Seashells of the Florida Panhandle
edited by Linda & Jim Brunner

2011, Gulf Coast Shell Club, Florida, heavy paper printed covers, stapled,  59 pages, about 15 by 23cm (5 by 9 inches), color photos throughout in color in varying sizes

This very attractive new book was published by the Gulf Coast Shell Club primarily as a guide to many  visitors to the beautiful beaches of the northern Gulf Coast of Florida. But it is  far from being just a typical guide to what you may find on the beach.  More than 203 species of mollusks are included in this book including those species that can be found along the shore line and also many of those that come from deeper water.  These shells are very well illustrated in color photographs most often with six to nine species depicted on each page.  Often one or more specimens of the same species are show and some include pictures of the living animals in their undersea habitat.  The book uses both common names and scientific names for each species shown and includes in most cases typical size range for this species as well as information on where they are usually found. Although this book was a club effort the bulk of the gratitude for making this publication possible must be given to  Linda and Jim Brunner who edited this book and to Dr. Harry Lee, who served as the consulting editor. This is a little book that will serve both casual beach goers to this area and also serve as a quick and accurate guide to advanced shells collectors as well.
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