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Seashells of the Egyptian Red Sea

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Illustrated guide and classification to shells found in Egyptian waters of the Red Sea
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Seashells of the Egyptian Red Sea
The Illustrated Handbook
by Mary Lyn Rusmore-Villaume
2008, American University in Cairo Press, Egypt, in English, hardcover with printed dust jacket, 307 pages, 6¾ by 9½ inches (17 by 24 cm) more than 185 full page color plates, maps and anatomical drawings
This book is the first illustrated guide to the marine mollusks that live in the waters along the Egyptian coastline on the Red Sea and it is a very important addition to the shell literature. The author is an expert on the shells from this area having lived and collected shells in this area for about 15 years. There is very detailed information about the shells found, their range, size and a brief description of their characteristics and the photographs are sharp and accurate in color. Some of the smaller shells are shown well enlarged to show what they look like and the shell is shown in actual size too which gives you an excellent perspective on their size.Some of the specimens that are illustrated are not of the best quality, but they are a true representation of what was found. I can highly recommend this book to all collectors.

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