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Seashells of Central New South Wales

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marine mollusks found off Sydney, NSW Australia
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Seashells of Central New South Wales
A Survey of the Shelled Marine Molluscs of the Sydney Metropolitan Area and Adjacent Coasts
by Patty Jansen

ISBN 0 646 23760 8,  published by the author in 1995 in Townsville, Australia, trade paperback, stapled binding, about 8 by 11 inches or 20.5 by 29.5 cm., 129 pages, black and white drawings of specimen shells interspersed with text

This book is one of several done by Patty Jansen on the marine mollusks found in Australian waters. Like the others it is very well done and the almost 500 species you will find in this book are very well described. There is an introductory section and an excellent, detailed map of the areas where the shells can be found. The drawings are clear and it is easy to use them  for shell identification.

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