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Revision of the Genus Pusula

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An expert look at the marine mollusks in the family Triviidae in the Genus Pusula
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Revision of the Genus Pusula
(Mollusca: Gastropoda: Triviidae) Allied Cowries
Contributions to the knowledge of Triviidae
by Dirk Fehse & Josef Grego

ISBN 978-80-8154-082-0,  published in 2014 by the authors, laminated card-stock covers, about 20.5 by 30cm (8 by 11½ inches) ,144 pages include 50 page size color plates, 18 sem photos, 21 maps and some drawings

This is a superb follow up to the earlier work by this team of authors 2009 work the "Revision of the Genus Trivellona Iredale, 1931) and like the previous work it is well researched and very well documented and very well photographed with numerous stunning close-up pictures of living molluscs by Anne DuPont  as well as numerous examples of specimen shells shown. The authors recognize 19 recent and fossil taxa all of which are shown, revise  and given full discussion. In this work the authors introduce six new taxa at the specific level and 2 new taxa at the generic  level.  While shells in the Triviidae do not seem to have a great deal of interest among shell collectors the availability of top quality of reference works like this book and its predecessor may turn that around.

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