Regional Non-Marine Molluscs

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A Preliminary Review of the Nominal Genus Villosa (Bivalvia, Unionidae) in North America
important work on the Unionidae of the USA
Australian Land Snails  Volume I
$129.95  $99.95
award winning natural history book order now
Endodontoid Land Snails ...Pacific Islands
$289.95  $149.95
In Stock
Endodontoid Land Snails ...Pacific Islands - Part 1 &2
Part 1 covers the family Endodontidae , Part 2 covers the Punctidae & the Charopidae
European Non-Marine Molluscs
very complete survey of non-marine molluscs found in Europe
Freshwater Bivalves of China
very important work on these fresh water bivalves -
Freshwater Molluscs of Venezuela
excellent book for collector and professionals alike
Freshwater Mollusks of the Lesser Antilles
sorry - now out of stock
Freshwater Mollusks of the World
important survey of zoogeography of worldwide freshwater mollusks
Freshwater Mussels of Alabama & the Mobile Basin
used book but can pass easily as new
Freshwater Mussels of Florida
New Condition. A remarkable book on the Unionidae found in Florida
Freshwater Mussels of Ohio
we only have one copy in stock
Guide to the Freshwater Molluscs of Cuba
$49.95  $39.95
also see Freshwater mollusks of Venezuela and Freshwater Mollusks of theLesser Antilles
Icons of Evolution - Pacific Island Tree-snails, family Partulidae
important review of the diverse forms and species of these shells
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