Regional Marine Molluscs

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Hong Kong Seashells (COPY)
nice basic guide to shells form Hong Kong, vrey nicely illustrated
Seashells of Central New South Wales
inexpensive guide to marine mollusks from NSW Australia
Bivalved Seashells of the Red Sea
In Stock
The Recent Molluscan Fauna of Ile Clipperton
excellent coverage of mollusks from one of the most remote regions on the earth
The Recent Molluscan Fauna of Islas Galapagos
Important study of marine mollusks from the Galapagos Islands
The Recent Molluscan Marine Fauna of Isla de Malpelo, Colombia
survey of mollusks from Malpelo, an off-shore island belonging to Colombia
Baja California Sea Shells Field Guide
color and large size color photos of almost 1100 species of marine mollusks
Checklists of Selected Shallow-Water Marine Invertebrates of Florida
checklist mostly about mollusks of Florida found in shallow water
Shells of the Western Pacific In Color
Out of Stock
Cone Shells of Martinique and Guadeloupe
Excellent study of the cone shells from the French Caribbean, many of which are found in other localites in the Caribbeab abd in Florida
Shells of the New York City Area
excellent guide to the shells found in the NYC region
Marine Bivalves of Tropical West Africa
monograph on the bivalve mollusks of west Africa
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