Regional Marine Molluscs

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Uruguayan Seashells - Moluscos Marinos  - Argentina, Uruguay & Brasil
A great work on the mollusks from the SW Atlantic
Cerithiopsidae and Newtoniellidae from New Caledonia, Western Pacific
Very thorough study of these small marine molluscs from the Western Pacific
New Shells of Southeast Asia
$95.00  $89.00
important new finds and describes 2 new genera as well as 85 new species from SE Asia
An Illustrated Guide to Species in China's Seas
$100.00  $89.95
Guide to species ofmarine mollusks from China
Philippine Marine Mollusks  Vol. 5
now in stock - updated information and new shells included in this volume
Guide to the Southern African Marginella
important update for these SA species
Marine and Freshwater Molluscs of the French Caribbean
we will be getting additional copies in a few weeks let us know if you'd like to have one
Shells of the Caribbean
nice guide to over 250 species rare and common from the Caribbean
Recent & Fossil Indonesian Shells
$129.95  $119.95
very important reference book for Indo-Pacific shells
Cowries and their Relatives of China
nicely illustrated book covering the Cyraeidae and related families found in China
Moluscos del Caribe Colombiano
1086 Mollusks from the Colombian Caribbean - scarce book
A Pictorial Guide of the Australian Fossil Volutes
a great book on these ancestors of present day Volutes
Rare & Unusual Shells of Southern Florida
includes descriptions of new species and several taxonomic changes at the superspecific level
New Shells of South Asia
$110.00  $95.00
newest in series by Dr. Thach - new species and subspecies of marine, freshwater and landshells
Florida's Seashells - A Beachcomber's Guide (2nd Edition)
If you love shelling in Florida, you need this book
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