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Recent & Fossil Indonesian Shells

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rvey of almost 1800 mollusks in the recent fauna and 723 species in fossil faunas from Indonesia
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Recent & Fossil Indonesian Shells
by Bunjamin Dharma

ISBN 3925919708, published in 2005 by ConchBooks, Germany & Bunjamin Dharma , Indonesia, hardcover in laminated boards, page size is about 18 by 25.5cm., or 7.25 by 10 inches, 424 pages, includes 110 color plates of recent species and 40 black and white plates of fossil species, also includes numerous text figures, maps and charts

This is a magnificent study of the mollusks, both recent and fossil found in the vast number of islands that make up Indonesia. Much before this book, there was a 2 volume set of books by this author that were written in the language of Indonesia and these books were about all the access to our readily available information about the mollusks found in that country's coastlines. This book greatly expands on the earlier books and provides photos and basic information about almost 2000 recent molluscan species in 171 families and an additional 723 species of fossil shells.   The book is divided into two sections one for the recent material and one for the fossils. This is an excellent reference book and it should be in the library of every collector interested in the shells of the Indo-pacific. The book is now out of print but we were able to find 4 new copies that we are able to offer.

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