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Porcelaines de l'Ile Maurice - Cowries of Mauritius

Porcelaines de l'Ile Maurice - Cowries of Mauritius

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1985, privately published, in French & English


laminated paper covers, perfect (glued) binding


154 pages about 8.5 by 11 inches (21 by 27.5cm)


has 10 page size color photo plates, map, photos of radulas,
Porcelaines de l'Ile Maurice
Cowries of Mauritius

edited by J-L boizot, M. Desjardins, V.Chakawa
photos by J-L Ceyrolle,Y.Pitchen & P. Laverdant

This is an extremely rare book and I was completely unaware of its existance until this copy turned up. It is a very thorough and careful examination of the 50 species of Cypraea that were known from the Island of Mauritus. I would guess that the number of species probably exceeds that number now but this is looking back in time about 25 years and splitting of species was less prevalent then than it is today. The authors point out that this is a study only of these shells from the Island of Mauritus and not the other Islands in the dependency that are scattered over a range of up to 2000kms.  The descriptive material is extremely good and especially valuable  is the material describing the geological make up of Mauritius and the habitat of these shells. The photographs are very good as well, they are not up to the standards that we have today but since digital photography and printing were not possible back then they are a lot better than you are apt to see in  many books produced at this time. 

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