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Polymita the Most Beautiful Land Snail of the World

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A full study of all aspects such as history, biology and systematics of these beautiful shell found only in Cuba
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Availability: The best book ever done about these amazing shells

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Polymita the Most Beautiful Land Snail of the World
by Adrián González Guillén

ISBN 978-1-63068-516-4, published in 2014 by Carlos M. Estevez & Associates, hardcover in laminated boards, about 9 by 11½ inches,  359 pages, illustrated throughout in full color photos and drawings

Those of you you have been lucky enough to have traveled in Cuba are probably already familiar with Adrian and his work as a naturalist, photographer and extraordinary cameo carver. Likewise those of you who have seen copies of his earlier book "Cuba the Landshells Paradise" are already familiar with  the kind of work that Adrian can produce when it comes to these shells which are his love and his passion. To say that this is an extraordinary work is not doing it justice. The book includes information and photo reproductions of the workers past and present who have published books and articles about these shells. Also it contains information about the biology of these molluscs and the descriptions and photos of where they live. Lastly it covers the systematics of these shells and illustrates the species, subspecies and forms that can be found and that separate these shells into logical groupings. This is also the only work done on these shells that is completely in English.  To top things off the author's photographic skills are at the top of their game in this book. It can serve as a coffe table book as well as a brilliant reference work.

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