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Ranellidae & Personidae of the World
$69.95  $59.95
used but still in very good condition - the only guide to these shells available now
Living Ovulidae
$119.95  $89.95
was $169.95 - amazingly detailed look at these beautiful shells
The Family Turbinidae,   subfamily Turbininae genus Turbo
continues coverage of this family with genera not included in first volume
Visaya Supplement #2
In Stock
The Family Strombidae - A Conchological Iconography #2
guide to this popular family also be sure to see revision published later
The Family Turbinidae , subfamily Turbininae, (excluding  genus Turbo) & Prisogasterinae - A Conchological Iconography #17
excellent monograph and now other sections are available to complete the family
Cassidae - An Amazing Family of Seashells
A review and revision of the marine gastropods in the Family Cassidae worldwide.
The Family Haliotidae - A Conchological Iconography #4
iconographic study of these beautiful, primitive gastropods
Recent Xenophoridae
$79.95  $49.95
you can order now, back in stock - only monograph on the carrier shells
Mitridae Costellariidae
$54.95  $49.95
the best guide to these families in full color
Latiaxis : An Illustrated Cat of Latiaxis & Its Related Groups
$35.00  $29.95
on sales while they last - only a handful left
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