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an illustrated guide to the marine mollusks in the family Olividae, Genus Oliva
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by Ch. Hunon, A. Hoarau & A. Robin

2009, Xenophora & ConchBooks, Germany, in English and French, bound in laminated boards, 253 pages, about 8¼ by 12 inches (21 by 30cm) fully illustrated in color

A survey of the recent species in the Genus Oliva in the marine gastropod family Olividae.  A very beautiful and comprehensive treatment of this often complex and confusing genus. Each species has information about it on the left hand page and there is a large photo of a typical specimen above the text. Other varations of the species are show in large and clear phots on the right hand pages. Of course this book will not end the controversy as to what "is" and what "is not" a valid species in this genus, but it will certainly be a useful guide for collectors and professionals as well.

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