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News on Cowries and Related Families

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descriptions of new species and articles on the Cypraea and related familes
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Availability: newly described Cowries and related families, other articles of interest to Cypraea collectors

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News on Cowries and Related Families

ISSN 9783948603069, ISSN 0721-1635, published by Club Conchylia, Germany, Acta Conchyliorum Vol. 19, May 2020paperback, about 20.5 by 29.5 cm., 8 by 11.75 inches, 120 pages, illustrated throughout with color photographs page-sized and smaller, some black and white photographs

Articles include a description of a new subspecies of Cypraea coxeni, two new species in the genus Umbilia, two new subspecies in the Zoila, and other articles about Cypraea and related species. This is a high-quality publication, beautifully produced, and should be something that every Cypraea collector will want as a reference.

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