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New Species of Cerithiopsidae From Papua-New Guinea

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Survey of Cerithiopsidae from Papua-NewGuinea including 67 newly described species
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Availability: 67 new species of Cerethiopsis newly described from Papua-New Guinea

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New Species of Cerithiopsidae From Papua-New Guinea
by Alberto Cecalupe and Ivan Perugia

ISBN 9783939767947, published in 2018 by Conchology Inc., and ConchBooks, Harkenheim, Germany, trade paperback, 20.5 by 29.5 cm., 8 by 11.75 inches, 187 pages, including 65 full-page color photographic plates many of them  are SEM scans for small specimens showing  them close-up  and their details, full descriptions and small color photographs in text and keyed to the larger color plates, also contained are maps and charts.

This book is a scientific study of the mollusks in this large, and often neglected family. The shells studied here were collected over two expeditions to Papua-New Guinea. In all, more than 3400 specimens were collected, of which there were 184 species. Of these 67 were not previously described and, 117 proved to be range extensions for previously known species. This is a  thorough report. The specimens were taken from my localities off the coast of the mainland and many of its' outlying islands. Collecting stations consisted of both shallow and deep-water stations.

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