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Neritidae of the World - Volume 2

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Completes the study of this family with material not contained in the first volume.
Part Number: Neritidae of the World - Volume 2
Availability: a great book, thoroughly researched and this and the first volume give you a complete look at this often neglected family of marine mollusks

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Neritidae of the World - Volume 2
by Tom Eichhorst

ISBN 978 3 939767763, published in 2016 by ConchBooks, Harxheim, Germany, case bound in laminated board covers, A4 size, about 19.5 by 31 cm., or about 8 by 11.75 page size, 672 pages in this volume, 150 full color  page size photographic plates in this volume as well as numerous other color photos, maps charts, black and white photos through out the book. This volume also contains updates and corrections for the first volume.

There is very little that I can say about this book other that you can take all the good comments that you have heard about and the capsule reviews that I did for volume 1 and double them. This is simply an amazing set of books and it reflects the author's long years of study and love of these shells that he shares with us in these books. In the two volume set we are presented with more than 300 species of these shells, a few newly described and a few reclassified. Many of the shells are familiar to us and many we have never seen before.  Many of the species are quite variable and we get a good look at the variations that can occur. The photographs are superb and the descriptive material is complete unlike so many other publications today that are almost devoid of description.  If you love or if you study shells you'll want to have this set of books on your reference shelf. While the nerite shells are not usually very popular with shell collectors because so many of them are commonly found, just thumbing through the plates in these books may very well reverse that opinion.

We have only about 10 copies of this book  now. The bulk of our order for these books will be coming by sea freight and will probably not arrive until May 2017. So if you want a copy quickly, don't wait to place your order now.

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