Moluscos Marinos del Norte de Chile

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Moluscos Marinos del Norte de Chile
Catalogo Illustrativo
by Jorge Basly Santa Maria

No ISBN, registered in 1983, published by the author, paper covers, 49 pages, about 17.5 by 25 cm., or about 7 by 9.75 inches, includes 11 full page black and white photos and identifications of 105 species of marine mollusks, text is in Spanish

This is one of only a very few publications that cover the marine mollusks found in the north of Chile. Of course many of these shells also occur in the waters off Peru and are covered in Myra Keen's excellent "Seashells of Tropical W. America". But there are quite a few shells in this catalog that I have not seen in any other book. It is remarkable that this book which was printed in 1983, looks as new as if it came off the press yesterday. The text is in Spanish but that is only for the introductory pages. The major part of the book consists of shell names and locality information along with a reference to the plate on which the photos can be found. I was unable to find another copy of this book offered when I checked before listing this one.

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