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Mollusks of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea

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Marine mollusks found in the Yellow Sea and in the Bohai Sea, north of the Yellow Sea, off China
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Mollusks of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea
by Zhang Suping, Zhang Junlong, Chen Zhiyun, & Xu Fengshan

ISBN 978-7-03-047140-6, published in 2016 by LifeScience Publishing, Beijing, China, in laminated boards, about 7 by 10¼ inches or 18 by 26 cm., 421 pages, 492 species of marine mollusks illustrated in full color, text is in Chinese, table of contents and index use standard scientific nomenclature

This is another beautiful molluscan survey intended primarily for the growing shell community in China. There are full color photographs of the almost 500 species covered in this work which cover  approximately 25% of each page and the rest of the page contains highly detailed descriptive material about each species in Chinese.  A large number of the mollusks in this survey are cold water shells and are also shells that you would expect to see off the  Korean peninsula. It is a superb book and my only wish is that it had been translated into English to give the  book greater exposure to the shell collectors and scientific workers in the West. 

Although I have a built in, in- house translator here in the form of my wife, Juying, I find that I can scan in the text from the books and run them through an online translation program and get a fairly accurate translation of the text. Of course being familiar with the terms one is used to seeing in other books helps us get back on track when the translation program takes off on a track all its own. 

This book and the other shell books from China as well as being excellent quality works are also very low in price. They could not be produced in the USA or anywhere else and sold for the prices that they carry.  I hope that this and the other books from China that we are offering become somewhat well received. If the sales are even modestly successful we intend to bring in many other books from China and from Taiwan that we can offer to you.

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