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Mitre Shells

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Iconography of Mitridae & Costellariidae (Marine Mollusks) in Pacific & Indian Ocean
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Availability: a good photo guide to the shells in the Mitridae and Costellariidae

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Mitre Shells
from the Pacific & Indian Oceans
by Peter Pechar, Chris Prior, Brian Parkinson

no ISBN and no date, Robert Brown & Associate, Australia, laminated boards in dust jacket, about 130 pages unnumbered, 56 full color plates for identification and many smaller illustrations of living animals also has one fold out chart ,7¾ by 10½ inches (19.5 by 26.5 cm)

This is another of those books that had only a short run and is consequently not an easy title to find today. It is so far as I can remember the first book to present a full color iconography of the majority of  familes Mitridae and Costellariidae that are apt to find their way into collections. While the book is still very useful it is largely surpassed by the much newer Mitridae Costellariidae by Robin & Millard. But for those who are serious students of these families this is still a very important work and somewhat of a direct link to the newer book. This book appears to be in almost  new condition but it has a very small bump at the lower edge of the front cover. There is a sheet of errata pasted on the front fly-leaf and the name of the previous owner is written on this page. The title page has an embossed stamp with the past owner's name. Otherwise this book appears to be new. There is a small label on the spine which was for library placement of the book in the owner's collection.

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