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Marine Mollusks of the Galapagos - Volume 2

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Monograph of Trochidae, Skenidae, Turbinidae, Neritidae (marine molluscs) from the Galapagos Is.
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Marine Mollusks of the Galapagos  Vol. 2
A monograph and revision of the families Trochidae, Skeneidae, Turbinidae & Neritidae
by Y. Finet

1995, L'Informatore Piceno, Ancona, Italy, in laminated board covers, about 8 by 11¾ inches (A4 size 21 by 30cm) 139 pages 37 full size pages of color photo plates and b/w SEM photographs, and 10 figures photos, maps, charts.

This is the second of two volumes that were done in this series. The series was discontinued after the second volume. There are not a great number of shells that are treated in either of the two volumes but what shells there are have a very well done description and the illustrations which take up the major part of this book are extremely well done. Among the  species covered are those that are endemic to the Galapagos Islands and those that are found on the Eastern Pacific coast of South America.

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