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Marine and Freshwater Molluscs of the French Caribbean

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A survey of close to 2300 species of marine and freshwater molluscs from the French Caribbean
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Marine and Freshwater Molluscs of the  French Caribbean
by Dominique Lamy & JeanPierre Pointier

ISBN 9782353651054, published in 2017 by PBL Editions,  2 volumes in laminated paper covers with a cardboard slip case, about 23.5 by 28 cm size or 9 by 11 inches,  785 pages in total with almost half of the pages full color photographic plate and almost half being keys to the plates which also contain for the greater part color photographs . in all there are 5739 photographs and some drawings in the set

This book is a very welcome addition to the molluscan literature that covers the Caribbean. The 2292 species of these mollusks have been found mainly from Guadeloupe (2094 species), Martinique (990 species) and from St. Marteen, St. Barthelemyi as well as the Islands of Marie Galante and Les Saintes which are nearby to Guadeloupe. Of these, 130 species are newly described. It is a very thorough survey and the shells are beautifully photographed and sharply printed. The layout with the shell plates on the left side of the book and the text on the right side (there is an overlap in some instances) is easy to follow. More than the basic data is available for many of the shells in the keys and often there are photographs of living mollusks on these pages too. The authors are expert in their fields and while these books are on the expensive side, they are well worth their price. One caution I must add. The slipcases provided are rather weak in structure for the weight of the books that they contain. I have reinforced the slipcase of my copy with clear tape around the outer open sides of the case to keep it intact.   

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