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Land Snails of the Solomon Islands Vol. I Placostylidae

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Monongraph of the molluscan family Placystylus in the Solomon Islands
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Land Snails on the Solomon Islands
 Vol. I Placostylidae
by Andre G. J. Delsaerdt

published in 2010, L'Informatore Piceno, Ancona, Italy  ISBN 88-86070-16-4, case bound (in laminated board covers,) about 8¼ by 11¾ inches (20.5 by 30.5cm)  132 pages, 14 full page color photo plates for shell identification and numerous black and white photgraphs of shells, charts, and maps in the text.

This book is certainly a welcome addition to the literature on terrestrial shells. It is the first of 3 volumes in the series. The Solomon Islands group consists of more than 900 islands stretching over 1500km east of Papua New Guinea. Most of these islands are small and very little is known about the mollusks living on these islands. This book is a study of one family of these land snails, their dispersion, and their evolution in these islands which as with many other shells have evolved into many different forms within the same species over the years in adaptation to their differing environments. The book illustrates in its color plates and with black and white photos along with illustrations of the original type species of these shells. This work encompasses all 33 species of shells in the Placostylidae found in the Solomons and these shells are in four genera. The discussions and descriptions of each of these shells are done in detail. This is an excellent work and we look forward to seeing the other books that will continue this series.

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