Land and Freshwater Molluscs of Brazil

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last few copies -out of print now- a great guide to these diverse species
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Land and Freshwater Molluscs of Brazil
by Dr.Luiz Ricardo L. Simone
ISBN 85-9066700-6, published in  Sao Paulo,Brazil  in 2006,by EGP, Fapsep,  hard covered, 390 pages w full color illustration, page size 22 by 29 cm (8.6 by 11.4 inches)

Here is a link that you can follow to read an unbiased review of this book by Dr. Harry G. Lee. This review appeared originally in "The Nautilus" and is reproduced with the permission of Dr. Jose Leal, the editor of that publication.  if you have trouble opening the link you can paste it into your browser or simply left click on the link and open it as a new page or tab.

Finally we have a book which will help us identify the vast number of terrestrial and freshwater shells found in Brazil. This book has is the result of a ten year effort by Dr.Simone (curator of Malacology section, Zoological Museum of Sao Paulo Univ.)who has gathered the information and the images found in this book from museum collections around the world. He has been able to illustrate the type specimens for most of the shells included in this book. For the first time you will be able to compare your shells with this type material which will make identification of the shells quite certain. As well as photographs the size, distribution and the bibliographic material is given for each shell. This book is a essential tool for land and freshwater shell collectors. This book is now out of print and these are the last few copies that we've been able to get.

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