Land Snails of the Solomon Islands - Volume 3
Land Snails of the Solomon Islands - Volume 3

Land Snails of the Solomon Islands - Volume 3

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A review of the terrestrial gastropods in the Family Trochomorphidae from the Solomon Islands
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Land Snails of the Solomon Islands
Volume III - Trochomorphidae
and a Systematical Review of All Other Families
by André G. J. Delsaerdt

ISBN  9788886070324, published in 2016 by L'Informatore Piceno, Ancona, Italy, hardcover in printed laminated boards, A4 size , 20.5 by 29.75 cm. (about 8¼ by 11¾ inches) 160 pages include 7 full-color photographic plates for shell identification and an additional 3 plates showing living molluscs. There are additional  more color photographs, drawings and other illustrations in the section which is a discussion of the shells.

Those of you that already own the first two volumes in this series will automatically place an order for this new and final volume in the series. It is of  the same high quality that was given to us in the first two books. Delsaert not only presents us with sharp and clear color photos of the shells in this book, he also gives us a very detailed discussion of the material covered.  Since this is the final volume there is also a review of the systematics of all the other families of land snails found in the Solomon Islands. It is a pleasure to add this book to the growing number of titles that deal with non-marine molluscs.

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