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Indo-Pacific Sea Shells

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Indo-Pacific Sea Shells
by Sally D. Kaicher

No ISBN, published in 1956 by the author, a series of 7 separate sections that have been bound as hardcover book, the page size is about 6 by 8.75 inches (15 by 22 cm.) and pages are not numbered, and each section is illustrated with black and white page size plates 53 in all beautifuuly drawn by the author

Sally Kaicher is best known for the packs of shell identification cards that she published over htecourse of many years. Less well known is a series of separate sections of publications that she did, each covering and serving as an identification guide covering a family or familes of shells, mostly common, found in the  Indo-Pacific. Each of the sections has a page or pages of introductory material on the molluscs that are covered, followed  by black and white plates with examples of these molluscs with a key to the shells on the left hand page facing the plates. This is a used book and it contains some hand written corrections and notes  on some of the pages, The fifth issue has an inscription and signature "Sally K" on the front cover and there is a rubber stamp with "Department of Living Invertebrates" on the front loose endpaper. There are some scratches and some pots on the covers of the book Usually when you come across separate sections of these publications they are in very poor condition. These are the best preserved copies that I've come across.   

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